Apple User Group Bulletin
March 15, 2007


Apple User Group Bulletin - March 15, 2007


1] - NCMUG Creates a $10,000 Endowment at Santa Rosa Junior College

Over the years North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG), a non-profit user
group, has reached out to the community in many very significant ways
including computer donations to schools and charities and significant
volunteer work. Now, they have taken it a big step further with a
$10,000 endowment, providing scholarships for students from Santa Rosa
Junior College who are in the CIS Department, taking classes with an
emphasis on the Mac platform and pursuing a career in the computer
information field.

The endowment is a memorial for Roger Levit, one of the founders of
NCMUG. With the approval of Roger's family the scholarship has been
named the North Coast Mac Users Group Roger Levit Memorial Scholarship.

What a wonderful way to honor youth, education and experience!

(Congratulations to President Lorene Romero, Ronnie Roche, Linda
Chatham, Joan O'Brien, Eric Chazankin, Wayne Till and the amazing
members of NCMUG.)

2] - Beijing Macintosh User Group: 5 Years Old and Growing

When David Feng's group started BeiMac the group had seven members from
seven countries, all meeting in Zhongguancun, Beijing, and each
interested in building a user group community. Who could have predicted
that five short years later those seven would become a club with more
than 330 members, more than 200,000 web visitors and a widened scope as
part of the BeiMac Union, with liaison offices in Ziamen, Taipei and
North America. Happy Birthday BeiMac.

Join them for a March 24 birthday celebration.

3] - EmiratesMac: Special TV Event

EmiratesMac will be holding a Special TV Event featuring a demonstration
of Apple TV and presentations by sponsors that include Canon, IMC ME,
Dubai Knowledge Village, GraphEast and others on March 29 at Dubai
Knowledge Village's main auditorium.

Visit Ambassador Magnus Nystedt and the members of EmiratesMac.

4] - AUMUG: Second Apple Digital Campus Leadership Institute

 From March 21-23 Auburn University's User Group will be participating
in the second Apple Digital Campus Leadership Institute. As the
organizers warn, this is not a listen and watch event but a way for
groups to gain specific ideas for their campus sites. They'll generate
ways to use innovation and technology to enhance the learning

There will be a world of great ideas on the Milledgeville Campus of
Georgia College and State University for students and faculty
participating in this year's Leadership Institute.

Share the excitement.

5] - dBUG: Help Every Saturday

Since 1984 the Seattle dBUG group has offered interesting resources to
their members. One interesting way to enhance community and gain members
is their dBUG Cafe, held every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to noon.
Whether it is help with a tech problem, use of the group's scanner or
high-speed connection, information about upcoming membership activities
or just a warm cup of coffee and a doughnut with friends, Saturdays are
special in Seattle. Does your group have an interesting activity or way
to enhance membership? Email your ideas to

Share a cup of coffee in Seattle.

(Thanks to the dBUG publicity team who sends information each month.)

6] - Estonian Macintosh User Group: Six Hour Quarterly Seminar

The officers of the Estonian Macintosh User Group are presenting another
quarterly seminar on all things Macintosh at 10616 Tallinn, Estonia.
Previous seminars have been a great success. What will they cover this
time? Be there and find out.


(Thanks to Vice President Filipp Lepalaan for this tip.)

7] - Milestones

March sees groups whose first meeting convened as long ago as February
of 1979 and includes our first Aperture-specific group, showing that
when Apple groups have a good thing going it lasts. Visit these web
sites to see the members and activities that contribute to their
longevity and success.

1979 AUSOM Incorporated
(Congratulations to President Dick Johnson,
Nicholas Pyers and members of AUSOM.)

1979 Mountain View Computer User Group
Previously Mountain View Apple UG
(Thanks to President and Macworld Volunteer John Buono for this tip.)

1982  Lockheed Martin Macintosh Users Group
(Hello to President Todd Ferguson and Lockheed Members.)

1984 Apple Users Group of Canterbury Inc.
(Warm wishes to President Michael Han and club members.)

1984 El Paso Macintosh User Group
(Greetings to President Ken Borgh, Mara Cohn and members of EPMUG.)

1985  MacBruger
(Congratulations to Hanne Hertzog and members of MacBruger.)

1985  Nashville Mac Users

1986  Racine-Kenosha Mac Users Group

1987  Hong Kong Macintosh User Group
(Happy anniversary to Chairman Blanco Siu and members of HKMUG.)

1990  MacinSand
(Greetings to Styreleder Thomas Moen and MacinSand members.)

1991  TEAM Francophone

2002  Beijing Macintosh User Group
(Congrats to David Feng, BeiMUG President and Apple User
Group Regional Liaison.)

2002 Macteens
(Greetings to Macworld Planning Team member Chris Saribay and officers
of Macteens.)

2006 Washington and Lee University

Welcome to our first recognized Aperture User Group and
Ambassador David Schloss

SPECIAL OFFERS - Apple User Group Bulletin - March 15, 2007

These User Group discounts are brought to you by the Apple User Group
Advisory Board (special thanks to board member Tom Piper).

You must be a current Apple user group member to qualify for these
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of these special offers.

1] - CJRTOOLS ebooks: 20 Percent Off

CJRTOOLS ebooks publishes easy-to-use guides to Mac OS X 10.4
software, including Safari, Mail, System Preferences and TextEdit. The
ebooks features include screenshots to help readers understand
important concepts, appendices with additional resources, non-
encrypted PDF downloads and free updates.

Usually priced between $7 (US) and $8 (US), Apple user group members
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Discount code
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Get more information.


This worldwide offer is valid through June 30, 2007.

2] - Western Digital Hard Drives: 25 Percent Discount

Need more space for your business files, movies, pictures and music? A
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Passport portable hard drives, and WD internal SATA II and EIDE hard
drive kits.

Get a 25 percent discount on all products by logging on with an email
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Use your email address to get a user group discount code.

This worldwide offer is valid through June 30, 2007.

3] - Premium Memory Products: 25 Percent Off
....................... is a leading online memory provider with a
commitment to superior memory products and world-class service and
support. All Premium memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and made
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For all your Mac memory upgrades, visit Premium's web site and receive
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This U.S. only offer is valid through June 30, 2007.

4] - Cordgo Accessory: Over 60 Percent Off

Cordgo is a one-hand operated cord adjustment and storage accessory.
Its durable, lightweight design fits in the palm of your hand. Clip it
on your belt or armband, or just slip it in your pocket. Cordgo's
fast, easy storage saves you from ever having to deal with tangled
cords again. Cordgo was designed to perform as an integral component
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Regularly priced at $9.95 (US), Apple user group members can now buy
two Cordgos for $7.96 (US); that's 60 percent off regular price.

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End cable clutter.

This worldwide offer is valid through June 30, 2007.

5] - HipIpodGear Accessories: 20 Percent Off

Is your iPod lacking personality? Nano just not impressing you by size
alone? Swank it up with more than just new music: go ahead and put
some hip into it with a new strap, wrap, bone, doggy, star, iLink,
skin, iRoll, iMagnet, iMemory, miniMac or other accessory. HipIpodGear
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Want a better deal? With the coupon code below Apple User Group
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This worldwide offer is valid through June 30, 2007.

6] - The MUG Store: A Resource for Old and New

The MUG Store offers great specials and blowouts your members should
scour through every month. It's like an online garage sale on Mac odds
and ends with extra special offers and deals!

The MUG Store's consultants are available to talk about the latest and
greatest Apple products, including all the great products introduced
at Macworld Expo. Be sure to give the store a try. With one percent
of member purchases credited to your organization, everyone wins!

User ID: Leopard
Password: (Request code from Club Ambassador)

This U.S. only offer is valid through April 30, 2007.

7] - That's Easy: Apple User Group Market & Apple User Group Offers

Looking for information on a past offer? Tom Piper and the Apple User
Group Advisory Board publishes a single page with all current offers,
expiration dates and codes.

For example, continuing offers on great publications include:

- Mac|Life magazine charter subscription
- Macworld Magazine special subscription offer
- Take Control ebooks
- Peachpit book club
- O'Reilly Publishing discount offers

Also, be sure to subscribe to Tom's Apple User Group Market Report
podcast, a great source for information about Apple user groups,
vendor discounts, special events and more.

Current Offers

Password - (Request code from Club Ambassador)

Apple User Group Market Report podcast

For public information about vendor offers and more visit

Sandy Foderick,
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Tom Piper,
Vendor Relations
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Elsa Travisano,
Text and Archival Editor
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Jeff Mosqueda,

Get involved. Join a user group near you.


Information about third-party offers and promotions was provided to
Apple by the third party. Apple is providing this information as a
courtesy and makes no representations and disclaims any liability
regarding offers and promotions. Please direct questions about an
offer or promotion directly to the appropriate third party.

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