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The Maryland Apple Corps is providing these offers as a courtesy, and makes no representations regarding these offers or any information related thereto. Any questions, complaints or claims regarding these offers must be directed to the appropriate party. For offers that are "For MUG Members only," or for User Group members, please contact the Maryland Apple Corps club ambassador for MUG codes, or ID and password.

If you are a vendor and would like to have news, reviews or special discounts posted on our site let us know, Request form

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Older Newsletters
Vendor Newletters
Apple User Group Bulletin
Apple User Group Bulletin -July 17 , 2007
Apple User Group Bulletin -June 15 , 2007
Apple User Group Bulletin - April 18, 2007
Apple User Group Bulletin - March 15, 2007
Apple User Group Bulletin - February 16, 2007
Apple User Group Bulletin - January 16, 2007
Apple User Group Bulletin - December 18 , 2006
Apple User Group Bulletin - November 17, 2006
Apple User Group Bulletin - October 17, 2006
Apple Mac OS X Pro Tip of the week
Apple's Web Site - Tip of the week Every week Apple releases a new power tip to make life easier. See lots of tips & other useful resources
O'Reilly - Newsletters
O'Reilly - User Group Newsletter
O'Reilly - April 13, 2007- Newsletter
O'Reilly - March 7, 2007- Newsletter
O'Reilly - January 26, 2007- Newsletter
O'Reilly - December 11, 2006 - Newsletter
O'Reilly - November 10, 2006 - Newsletter
Peachpit - Newsletters
February 2 , 2007 - Newsletter
Peachpit only keeps the most recent newsletter on their website
Vendor Specials and Discounts for Mac User Groups

CJR Tools -Website with ebooks for sale and a free monthly ezine for users of Mac OS X 10.4. The website also includes articles, quick-start
lessons and tips for users of Mac OS X 10.4. All new subscribers to my monthly ezine receive a $2 off coupon on any ebook purchase from my online store.


Indeo Software - Until December 31st, 2006, Intego is offering us 20% off the MSRP for all of their titles.


O'Reilly UG Program

Maryland Apple Corps members receive the O'Reilly User Group Newsletter containing many offers from O'Reilly. We have some good news to announce. We've just increased the user group discount to 35% off all books and PDFs. And don't forget we still offer free shipping for orders in the US of $29.95 or more.

Contact the club ambassador for more information.

News and Offers from MaMUGs and the MUG Center

The MUG Store
From iPods to iBooks, iMacs to the latest Power Mac G5s, the MUG Store has you covered with a great selection of new and refurbished Mac equipment. Remember that your user group gets one percent back toward anything the MUG Store sells every time a member orders from the MUG Store. *For MUG Members ONLY*. Contact the club ambassador for instructions on accessing this offer.

A complete list of all deals currently in effect can be found at:

A partial list of vendors is shown below:
MacPlay; ThinkFree, PhotoSpin, Aladdin Systems, Softchaos, Circus Ponies, Hemera, Design Tools, Karelia

A complete list of all vendors participating in User Groups programs can be found at:

News and Offers from Other Sources

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