Apple User Group Bulletin
April 18, 2007


Apple User Group Bulletin - April 18, 2007


1] - MacCamp in the Forest: Portland MUG Makes it Happen

Deep in Oregon's rain forest, the folks who attend April's MacCamp will
eat, sleep and talk Macintosh for three days. If you have been to one
of Portland MUG's MacCamps you know how wonderful a weekend can be and
this one - their 44th - is no exception. Learn about Mac OS X, iPhoto,
iWeb, GarageBand and system preferences. Participate in a unique
interactive presentation by Rob Griffiths, Macworld Contributing Editor
and the founder of Want to know more? Email

A little slice of heaven twice a year since 1985.

(Congratulations to President Charles Devore and the hard working
officers and members of Portland MUG.)

2] - Getting Together: Bob LeVitus Presents to Three Groups in May

Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus will be doing his Spring Mid-Atlantic User Group
tour again this year with visits to PMUG (Princeton Macintosh Users
Group), MLMUG (Mainline Macintosh Users Group) and Hershey Apple Core.
This marks Bob's sixth consecutive appearance to MLMUG. The festivities
include a Dr. Mac Dinner open to all area user groups and a special
cookout presentation at MacOutfitters in Doylestown, PA (free and open
to the public).

The culmination of his visit will be a special cookout and presentation
at MacOutfitters in Doylestown, PA. It's free and everybody is invited.

Have a dinner to remember.
Dinner registrations open until May 4, 2007.

Visit the Princeton Macintosh Users' Group.

(Thanks to Maria O. Arguello, Apple User Group Regional Liaison for
Northeast US for this great tip.)

3] - Chris Breen and Silicon Mountain Macintosh: Colorado Fun

On May 3, 2007, the Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group will be
hosting Macworld Senior Editor Chris Breen for a troubleshooting
presentation. If you have seen Chris at one of the User Group University
sessions, you know how much humor and information he fits into each of
his presentations.

Join in the fun.

4] - The Mac Users of UK and Ireland: Photo Excellence

The Macintosh groups in the UK and Ireland have just successfully
completed their photo contest and this year's entries were outstanding.
MacUsersUK held the awards ceremony at the Regent Street Apple Store
Theatre on April 12. Want to see what all the buzz was about? Check out
their web photo gallery.

Look and learn.

5] - Milestones

A search of Apple's User Group Locator shows that there are more than 47
groups with an April start date. Groups from 1978 to those recognized
this month show the vitality of our community. Congrats to the officers,
members and activities that contribute to user group longevity and

1978  Macintosh Southern Tier Apple Club
(Congratulations to President Ben Margolius, his wife Sue and the
officers and members of Southern Tier.)

1979  Southern NH Apple Core
(Thanks to President Paul Bendeck for this tip.)

1981  Frederick Apple Core

1981  The Orange Apple Computer Club

1982  Hamilton Apple Macintosh Users Group

1983  Cumberland Valley Apple Users Group

1984  SunMacs Computer Club

1984  Fresno Macintosh Users Group
(Greetings to President Doug Cox and members.)

1984  Tidewater Area Macintosh Users Group
(Thanks to Treasurer Ray Kallman for this tip.)

1985  Macintosh Users Group (Singapore)

1985  Mac-In-Awe MUG
(Greetings to President Emeritus Marianne Young and Mac-In-Awe members.)

1985  MacValley User Group

1986  Stavanger Macintosh User Group, Norway
(Thanks to founding member and Board Chair Jan Frick for this tip.)

2002 Tuscarawas County Mac Users Group (TCMUG)
(Greetings to Ambassador Kevin Warrene and members of TCMUG.)

SPECIAL OFFERS - Apple User Group Bulletin - April 18, 2007

These User Group discounts are brought to you by the Apple User Group
Advisory Board (special thanks to board member Tom Piper).

You must be a current Apple user group member to qualify for these
savings. Not a member? Join an Apple user group today to take advantage
of these special offers.

1] - SeeFile Software: 20 percent off

SeeFile 3.0 is a new Mac OS X application that lets creative pros share
their work with clients, using their own Mac as a webserver. SeeFile
creates private folders for clients (each with a private username and
password) and creates live thumbnails of photos, PDFs, and videos. It is
ideal for wedding and commercial photographers, design firms,
videographers and print providers.

Specially priced at $395 (US), user group members receive 20 percent off
the list price, for the five account entry version; upgrades and
options are available as well. Order by phone or email with the coupon
code provided.

Coupon code
(Request code from Club Ambassador)

Order by phone.
(617) 262-2421

Order by email.

Learn more.

This worldwide offer is valid through July 31, 2007.

2] - CrossOver Mac: 20 Percent Off

CrossOver Mac allows you to run many popular Windows software
applications on your Intel Mac. Your applications, documents and email
attachments are seamlessly integrated into the Mac OS X. You work as you
would in Windows, but with the freedom and ease of the Mac. You do it
all easily and affordably, without needing a Windows license.

CrossOver Mac offers user group members a special price of $47.96 (US),
a 20 percent discount off the regular price of $59.95 (US).

Special Code
(Request code from Club Ambassador)

Order today.

This worldwide offer is valid through July 31, 2007.

3] - Ovolab Geophoto: 25 Percent Off

Ovolab Geophoto is a new Mac OS X application for browsing and
collecting digital pictures by location. You can now browse your photo
albums by panning, zooming and flying through your pictures on a
three-dimensional representation of the Earth. Once geotagged, photos
can be shared with other users and will automatically appear in the
correct location on the Earth when opened in Geophoto.

User group members can purchase Geophoto at the special price of $14.95
(US), a 25 percent off the retail price of $19.95 (US).

Coupon code
(Request code from Club Ambassador)

Check it out.

This worldwide offer is valid through July 31, 2007.

4] - Mushkin Memory: Reseller Prices

Mushkin Perfect Match products for Apple are specifically designed for
Mac users. They have been creating enhanced memory for more than a
decade, and believe in providing the highest quality products at the
best value. Mushkin PerfectMatch upgrades are the smart choice. They
carefully select components and program each module to match the
manufacturer-installed memory and provide guaranteed compatibility.

A user group web store is now available with the same pricing given to
resellers (discounts of 20-40 percent) insuring the best possible price
for all Mushkin Mac products.

Visit Mushkin's special User Group Store.

This worldwide offer is ongoing.

5] - FastMac: Major Discount on TruePower High Capacity iBook Batteries

Does your iBook lose its battery life extremely fast? Replace it with a
new larger capacity and longer lasting TruePower battery. Every
TruePower battery comes with a one-year warranty and 30-day money back

Receive 20 percent off MSRP by using the following coupon codes on the
FastMac store, or by mentioning the User Group when placing an order
over the phone by calling (866) 416-FAST (3278).

- 12-inch iBook Battery - use coupon code (Request code from Club Ambassador)
- 14-inch iBook Battery - use coupon code (Request code from Club Ambassador)

This worldwide offer is valid through July 30, 2007.

6] - MacAddict Reborn: 40 Percent Off New Mac|Life

The Mac market has evolved, and so has MacAddict. Starting with the
February 2007 issue, MacAddict has become Mac|Life, the new Mac magazine
that changes all the rules. This publication recognizes Apple's dynamic
role in work, play, and life, and will appeal to core Apple users.
Features include in-depth how-tos, stunning design and exclusive
information. Mac|Life is the ultimate magazine about all things Apple.

Mac|Life is offering a one-time Apple User Group member charter
subscription rate of $14.95 (US) for 12 issues, a savings of 40 percent
off the basic subscription price.

Subscribe today.

This worldwide offer is ongoing.

7] - The MUG Store: A Resource for Old and New

The MUG Store offers great specials and blowouts your members should
scour through every month. It's like an online garage sale on Mac odds
and ends with extra special offers and deals!

The MUG Store's consultants are available to talk about the latest and
greatest Apple products, including all the great products introduced at
the Macworld Expo. Be sure to give the store a try. With one percent of
member purchases credited to your organization, everyone wins!

User ID: Leopard
Password: (Request code from Club Ambassador)

This U.S. only offer is valid through April 31, 2007.

Updated access information is available at:

8] - That's Easy: Apple User Group Market & Apple User Group Offers

Looking for information on a past offer? The Apple User Group Advisory
Board also offers a colorful web page with all current offers (some of
which have been updated), expiration dates and codes:

Current Offers

Password - (Request code from Club Ambassador)

Also, be sure to subscribe to the Apple User Group Market Report
podcast, which this month is featuring Jon Parshall of Codeweavers
(makers of CrossOver Mac), and Kevin Anderson of the Apple MUG Store
(specifically designed for user group members). The AUG Market Report is
a great source for information about Apple user groups, vendor
discounts, special events and more:

Apple User Group Market Report podcast

For public information about vendor offers and more visit

Saundra Foderick,
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Tom Piper,
Vendor Relations
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Elsa Travisano,
Text and Archival Editor
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Jeff Mosqueda,

Get involved. Join a user group near you.


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